Rest Wisely!

Do you have the desire and the opportunity to travel, or just a good rest away from home, but you do not know where to go? If you want to remember your vacation of a lifetime and do not regret it? Then welcome to our resource!

After all, this is where we tell you about the most incredible and fantastic places on our planet, as well as the most popular tourist destination across the world.

We do not offer you a tour; we offer you the information about those parts of the world that are truly worth visiting.

On our site, we will help you make the right choice, taking into account your preferences and wishes.

You only need to determine the type of your vacation: beach, exotic, excursion, therapeutic, or extreme. For each of them, we will also tell you the details in the relevant section.


If you like a carefree luxuriate in the soft sand, sunbathing under the scorching sun, and adore to bathe in the warm clear sea, this type of holiday for you!

Here you can enjoy plenty of beautiful seascapes and photographed in their background, to make boat trips, stroll along the beach.

This kind of relaxing vacation preferred by most tourists. In addition, no wonder, because it allows travelers to relax on the golden beaches, as well as gain strength after hard work.

Currently, tour operators offer a huge selection of resort beach holiday. It is worth noting that beach vacation resorts are always full of entertainment, fascinating excursions and so miss you here do not have to! ...


If you are a fan of unusual and surprising, you here!

This kind of relaxation for those who want to see the most fantastic corners of our planet, enjoy the beauty and magic of nature, take a walk through the tropical jungle, swim in the crystal clear water of the seas and waterfalls.

As you have probably guessed, this kind of leisure involves a trip to exotic destinations such as the Seychelles, Maldives, Dominican Republic, on. Bali, China, Cuba and others.

Consider the pros and cons of this type of holiday. ...

exkursVacation is a vacation trip to the interests of the country in order to study its history, culture and attractions. If you are energetic and inquisitive person, and you do not want just relax, away from home, but also plunge into the traditions and customs of the country visited, this type of holiday for you!

You can organize the trip yourself, or buy ready-made tour of the country you are interested. Now tour operators offer a wide variety of tours are generally bus (they are cheaper). The most common type of holiday in Western Europe. Note that for a tour of Europe need only issue a Schengen visa. With it you will be able to travel freely around Europe within the borders of the Schengen area. Therefore, if you do not want to be limited to the rigid framework of the program of the tour, as well a...


Do you love the thrill? You are a positive, energetic and active person who likes risk and the sense of danger. Then choose the type of holiday was extreme! In a world of so many people who love to take risks and to deal with the elements. Therefore, this kind of holiday is also very popular!

The aim of extreme tourism is an exciting adventure and learning something new, getting adrenaline. It is also suitable for sports and active lifestyle.

Above all, this sports discipline, such as diving, windsurfing, trekking, rafting, safari, mountain climbing and many others. ...

Lecheb If you want not only to relax but also to heal, thus combining the useful with the pleasant, then go on a therapeutic vacation!
On medical vacation You will be able to improve their health using natural factors (air, sun, sea, mud, nature, landscape, etc.). The main objectives of therapeutic recreation:

  • the recovery of his health,
  • restores vitality and energy,
  • increase physical strength,
  • improvement of mood and well-being in General.

Especially important this kind of leisure for pensioners. As a rule, the treatment involves relaxing stay in motels or boarding houses. ...

Good luck to you and the choice of a memorable trip!