Do you love the thrill? You are a positive, energetic and active person who likes risk and the sense of danger. Then choose the type of holiday was extreme! In a world of so many people who love to take risks and to deal with the elements. Therefore, this kind of holiday is also very popular!

The aim of extreme tourism is an exciting adventure and learning something new, getting adrenaline. It is also suitable for sports and active lifestyle.

Above all, this sports discipline, such as diving, windsurfing, trekking, rafting, safari, mountain climbing and many others.

Excellent waves and good wind for windsurfing can found coast of Spain, Portugal, on the shores of the Red Sea in Egypt, and the shores of Turkey, which washed by four seas.

Rafting is very popular in Turkey and Thailand.

You can find an extreme sport for everyone!

We should also mention the mountain climbs. The popular view of extreme relaxation, but it is difficult to call this type of tourism and sports. To conquer the mountain - it is a huge test of their capabilities and needs of sports and moral training.

Well, if you want to get the most critical and exciting feeling of your life, enjoy a paragliding! Paragliding (if you are afraid of heights, it is possible with an instructor), it will give you unforgettable emotions for life!