Lecheb If you want not only to relax but also to heal, thus combining the useful with the pleasant, then go on a therapeutic vacation!
On medical vacation You will be able to improve their health using natural factors (air, sun, sea, mud, nature, landscape, etc.). The main objectives of therapeutic recreation:

  • the recovery of his health,
  • restores vitality and energy,
  • increase physical strength,
  • improvement of mood and well-being in General.

Especially important this kind of leisure for pensioners. As a rule, the treatment involves relaxing stay in motels or boarding houses.
Currently, medical tourism has become very popular and relevant for many who want to rest, so many countries and resorts offer tourists a variety of therapeutic treatments and SPA.
Therapeutic recreation needs of almost every resident of the city, being in a constant state of stress, the hustle and bustle.
Modern sanatoriums and resorts offer to its clients a very rich list of therapeutic procedures for its tourists.
Consider the main types of Wellness programs offered in therapeutic recreation. You may select a suitable alternative therapeutic procedures.

1. Therapeutic recreation at sea.
Rest and treatment at sea, which for centuries recommended by doctors and healers for their patients, now known as the new buzzword thalassotherapy.
Thalassotherapy includes the following Wellness treatments:

  • bathing in sea water,
  • the adoption of air and sun baths
  • boat trips and sport activities on the beach
  • eating seafood
  • thermal baths of sea water
  • treatment with algae, etc.

When choosing a place for healing the rest of the sea should be guided by the following criteria:

  • Location — right on the beach! After all, the main factor in the treatment and the rest of the sea-a unique Maritime climate. Healing riparian microclimate has beneficial effects on human health, regenerate stamina, improves oxygen. The coastal marine climate create air ions, and their number, according to scientists, is reduced at a distance of 1000-2000 meters from the water. So important to stay as close as possible to sea water.
  • Active use of marine water: bathing in the open sea and in swimming pools, acceptance of sea baths.

Use for therapeutic purposes a variety of marine products and substances: marine mud, silt, algae in the form of applications, wraps, etc.
Heliotherapy. Sunnier baths as we know make up the human body and substances.

2. The treatment of thermal springs.
Treatment with mineral and thermal waters, known since ancient times, was considered a panacea for almost all diseases.
It is important that the mineral and thermal springs there is a large number of nutrients and substances that are easily and quickly digested by the human body. That is why mineral and thermal waters are widely used in different courses of treatments.
Principal of mineral springs, their curative properties:

  • Salt baths. External treatment with mineral springs is called balneotherapy, which is widely used in the treatment of diseases of the cardiovascular system.
  • For patients with diseases of the peripheral nervous system and inflammation of the pelvic organs in women and prostatitis and men is very useful the adoption of chloride and sodium baths. This procedure has a strong analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect.Sulphate hot springs. They are widely used to treat people with diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Such sources quench your joint pain, and also help in rheumatism, impairment of back muscles.
  • Sulfur-containing sources. Data sources used for the prevention of such diseases as psoriasis and neurodermatitis. Sulfur springs have a beneficial effect on human skin, as they have a soothing and antibacterial action.

Water with a high content of carbon dioxide used for the treatment of hypertensive and people with cardiovascular diseases. Because water enriched with carbon dioxide, supplying oxygen to the human body and activates blood circulation of the person. This water is beneficial effect on the General condition of human skin, it becomes pink, beautiful, smooth and elastic.
Treatment with mineral and thermal springs is very popular for diseases of the nervous system, and respiratory tract. Treatments using mineral and thermal waters are also for cosmetic purposes.

3. Mud treatment (the mud).
Mud therapy is one of the oldest forms of treatment using the unique properties of natural substances. Mud-like natural formations have the following properties:

  • high ductility and heat capacity
  • slow heat transfer
  • the content of living organisms and biologically active substances.

Dirt also contain amine bases, ammonia derivatives and hydrogen sulfide. The formation of these substances is due to the interaction between microbes and the environment. Due to the content of these substances in the mud and the ability to penetrate the skin, the mud person has a curative effect.

The main factors lying in the mud:

  • Thermal factor. In contact with the body, the dirt slowly and gradually gives off its heat to the human body, which provides long heat retention. Due to these properties increase action oragnize nutrients muds and enhanced healing effect in the treatment.
  • The mechanical factor. When applying mud on the human skin friction occurs, it has beneficial effect on the receptor apparatus of the skin and mucous membranes.
  • Chemical factor. The chemical composition of the mud varies and depends on the region of its origin and method of formation of a substance (mud knoll, peat, silt). Biologically active substances in the composition of the mud have good penetrating ability, they can cause cellular responses, such as more active regeneration of the skin, its healing, and many others.

Mud therapy helps to improve the movement of red blood cells in the body and transport oxygen in the blood, increases blood circulation and helps regulate metabolism.